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Choosing a name for your baby girl can be quite the challenge; however, if you’ve narrowed it down to a favorite letter, such as C, suddenly it’s a lot easier. Whether you simply like C names or want to create a tradition in which all your children’s names start with C, we’ve got you covered with 77 options. And, the uniqueness of this letter is that even though the name you choose may start with the letter C, the sound may actually be a K (Candace), S (Celine), Ch (Chelsea), Sh (Charlotte), or even J (Cansu).

Popular Girl Names That Start With C

According to recent statistics, the following are the most popular girls’ names that start with C:

1. Charlotte. This female diminutive of the male name Charles was introduced in the seventeenth century. This girl’s name that starts with C has belonged to queens and female authors, like Charlotte Brontë. In the United States, the name began to rise in popularity in the 2000s before soaring to become the most popular girl’s name that starts with a C. You may also like the Italian or Spanish version of this name, Carlota or Carlotta, respectively.

2. Camila. This spelling of the girl’s name is the Spanish and Portuguese version. Camilla with two Ls used to be the more popular spelling. The name is Roman in origin, and even appears in Virgil’s Aeneid, in which Camilla is a warrior maiden. Another variant spelling is Camille.

3. Chloe. In ancient Greek this name means “green shoot,” referring to a plant sprouting leaves, a beautiful image and choice for anyone who loves nature names. Chloe was also the epithet for the Greek goddess Demeter. The name can also be spelled without the letter H. This name may be perfect for your little sprout!

4. Claire. This is the French form of Clara, which also appears on this list in the no. 7 spot. Of Latin origin, the name means “clear,” “bright,” or “famous.” Another option is spelling it without the letter I.

5. Caroline. With Latin origins, this name is the feminine form of the male name Charles, which means “man” in German. Other variants of the woman’s name include Carolina, Carolyn, and simply Carol.

6. Cora. This girl’s name is derived from the ancient Greek name Kore, which means “maiden.” Kore was an epithet for the goddess Persephone. You might like Cora for your daughter if you’re looking for a name with origins in Greek mythology.

7. Clara. This is the English form of the aforementioned French name Claire. Its roots lie in the Latin name Clarus. In the nineteenth century, Clara was the more popular girl’s name, but since then Claire has overshadowed it.

8. Charlie. You’re most likely to recognize this name as the boy’s nickname for Charles, but it’s often used as a diminutive for Charlotte, no.1 on this list. Variant spellings you might consider include Charlee, Charli, or Charleigh.

9. Cecilia. This girl’s name has Latin roots and means “blind.” Although the meaning isn’t particularly interesting, this name that starts with a C became popular after a famous female saint. In England the spelling Cecily was more popular until Cecilia replaced it in the eighteenth century. Diminutive options include Celia, Cilla, and Cece.

10. Callie. Considered a diminutive of Caroline, this girl’s name can stand on its own. Variant spellings include Cali or Caleigh.

More Popular Girl Names That Start With C

These girls’ names beginning with the letter C were also among the most popular in recent years, but didn’t make the top 10. This shortlist includes some names that are classic and others that are modern:

11. Catalina. This Spanish girl’s name is derived from the names Katherine and Catherine, which you’ll find later on this list. Catalina was also the name of a Spanish saint, who is the patron saint of the island of Mallorca. An island off the coast of Los Angeles is also named after her. You might consider this girl’s name if you have Spanish roots or are a native Californian.

12. Celeste. This Roman name is considered a unisex name, so you could use it for a boy or a girl. It means “heavenly” or “of the sky.” It makes sense if you think of the English word celestial. Another option for your daughter could be the cute diminutive of Celestina or Celestine.

13. Collins. Although this is a surname, it’s become a popular unisex first name. In 2020, it was no. 365 in the list of top girl’s names, so it still has some growing to do. Interestingly, it didn’t even make the list of top 500 boy names!

14. Camryn. This is a variant—and more popular—spelling of the name Cameron, another unisex name. It’s derived from a Scottish surname that means “crooked nose.” OK, so that isn’t the loveliest meaning, but the name itself sounds modern and cool. Your daughter’s nickname could be Cam.

15. Cassidy. This unisex name comes from an Irish surname that means “curly haired.” Why not consider it for your curly-haired son or daughter? Diminutives include Cass or Cassie.

16. Carmen. In Latin this name means “song.” The name may also have origins in the Hebrew name Carmel, which means “garden.” Both are beautiful meanings. And, if you’re a fan of music, you’ll love the fact that the name was featured in Georges Bizet’s French-language opera Carmen.

17. Celine. A French or English/German name, depending on if you spell it with or without an accent on the first E, Celine has Latin origins and means “heaven.” It’s another celestial name, but quite a popular one after French-Canadian singer Céline Dion.

Choosing a baby name can be fun yet also overwhelming. Watch this video for some exciting facts to help you find the perfect name for your baby girl!

Beautiful Girl Names That Start With C

If you’re looking for a beautiful name, choose from one of these girls’ names beginning with the letter C. Each one has melodic beauty that’s a pleasure to pronounce.

18. Caitlin. Originally, this Irish girl’s name was spelled Cateline, which is also an Old French form of Catherine. Another variant of the name is Cathleen. A cute short form of the name could be Cait or Cate, depending on the spelling you choose.

19. Caitriona. This is yet another Irish form of Catherine. Variants include Caitria, Catrina, and Catriona.

20. Calista. It’s the feminine form of the male Roman name Callistus, which in Greek means “most beautiful.” What a perfect meaning for your beautiful baby girl!

21. Caprina. This girl’s name that starts with a C is a new and unique name formed from the name of the Italian island of Capri. It’s a good choice whether you’ve been to the island and would like to name your daughter after it, or you just like the sound of the name.

22. Carlene. Could you guess that this is the female form of the male name Carl? The male name Charles actually originated as the German name Karl, which means “man.” So, then Carlene must mean “woman!” Variant spellings include Carlyn, Carlin, and Carline.

23. Caryn. This is the C version of the more common girl’s name Karen, which is the Danish form of Katherine.

24. Chantal. This beautiful name comes from a French surname that means “stony.” However, the first half of the name (chant) means “song” in French, making this a good choice for a musical family.

25. Ciara. This girl’s name could be a variant of Sierra (referring to the mountain range) or could be derived from the Irish male name Ciar, which means “black.” So, this gives you two different options when it comes to the meaning you prefer.

Unique Girl Names That Start With C

Of course, everyone thinks of their child as unique, so why not choose a unique name for your baby girl? Here are some girl’s names beginning with the letter C that you may not have initially thought of:

26. Cadence. If you want something unique and modern, choose this name that’s only been in usage since the twentieth century. It means “rhythm” or “flow” and is often used in musical terminology. It’s perfect if you love music and would like to impart that to your daughter.

27. Caetana. This Portuguese girl’s name comes from the Latin male name Caietanus, which means “someone from Caeta” (present-day Gaeta in Italy). In Spanish the name is spelled Cayetana. Choose either spelling for a unique-sounding name.

28. Cansu. This Turkish girl’s name is pronounced jan-SOO. Can means “soul” or “life” and su means “water.” It’s a unique name with a unique sound that will surely set your daughter apart.

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29. Cattleya. If you’re a lover of orchids you may recognize this name, which is a variety of orchid, available with purple, pink, or white flowers. It was named after horticulturist William Cattley. What a unique name with a beautiful image of tropical flowers to go with it.

30. Cennet. This Turkish girl’s name means “paradise” or “garden.” It’s derived from Arabic. Choose this name if you’d like to be reminded of that imagery every day with your daughter—even when she’s acting up!

31. Cerise. Meaning “cherry” in French, this pretty and unique girl’s name that starts with the letter C is pronounced SU-REEZ.

32. Charmaine. It’s not known what the actual meaning of this name is, but it may be derived from the Greek name Charmion, which means “delight.” Despite its mixed history, this name has a very dignified ring to it.

33. Chelsea. Known as a district in London as well as New York City, Chelsea became a popular girl’s name in the 1970s. Probably the most famous bearer of the name is Chelsea Clinton, daughter to former U.S. president Bill Clinton. Variant spellings of the name include Chelsey and Chelsie.

34. Cheyenne. Derived from the Dakota Native American language, this gender-neutral name may mean “red speakers” and is the name of another group of Native Americans. This name is also the capital city of the state of Wyoming. It’s a unique and beautiful name choice for your daughter especially if you have Native American heritage!

35. Chihiro. In Japanese this name is considered unisex. Chi means “thousand and hiro means “fathom” or “arm span.” It’s a beautiful-sounding name and it captures the imagery of embracing.

36. Cleopatra. This infamous Greek name means “glory of the father.” Many queens of Egypt bore this name, including the most famous Cleopatra VII. Despite the tragic story, Cleopatra is a beautiful name and can be shortened to Cleo.

37. Concordia. Meaning “harmony” in Latin, this name was also the name of a Roman goddess of peace and harmony. Use this unique girl’s name that starts with C for your daughter, who’ll add lots of harmony to your life.

38. Crystal. In English this word refers to something that’s clear and colorless like glass, hence the oft-used term “crystal clear.” Of Greek origin, the name means “ice.” One of the most famous bearers of the name is fictional character Crystal Jennings Carrington from the TV series Dynasty. Variant spellings include Christal and Chrystal.

39. Cyrielle. This French girl’s name that starts with a C is the female form of the male name Cyril, which in Greek means “lord”—a reference to God or Jesus. We’d like to think then that the female form would be “lordess;” however, that’s not a word!

Rare Girl Names That Start With C

Does it seem as if all the good names are taken? We’ll help you find some ideas for your daughter’s name that you won’t encounter every day at the playground. We can’t promise she won’t meet someone in adulthood with the same name, but we can recommend some rare names from the past, some uniquely spelled names, and some modern ones that you may never have heard of.

40. Caelie. The rarer spelling of the girl’s name Kaylee, which came about after the names Kay and Lee were combined. Caileigh is another unique spelling of this girl’s name that also starts with C.

41. Calliope. Spelled Kalliope in Greek, this is the name of one of the nine Muses, the goddess of epic poetry and eloquence. In Greek, the name means “beautiful voice.” A lovely name for a family of orators or singers!

42. Calypso. This was the name of a Greek nymph who trapped Odysseus for seven years. The name means “to cover” or “to conceal.” The name may also refer to a type of music found in the Caribbean. Choose this name whether you’re a fan of Greek mythology or have Caribbean heritage you’d like to honor.

43. Cambria. If you have Welsh heritage, you may be drawn to this name, which is the name for Wales in Latin. In the Welsh language it would be Cymru, derived from the word cymry, which means “the people.” This girl’s name that starts with a C is rare and ancient and yet sounds modern.

44. Campbell. This unisex name comes from a Scottish surname that means “crooked mouth” in Gaelic. Despite its unfortunate meaning, this unique name may be an appealing choice, especially if you’re looking for a gender-neutral name.

45. Carey. You may think of this unisex name as a variant spelling of Kerry, but it actually derives from the Irish surname Ó Ciardha, which means “black.”

46. Carson. This unisex name is of Scottish origin, but its meaning is unknown. Still, if you’re looking for a unique girl’s name that starts with a C, you might like the modern sound of Carson.

47. Chanelle. This is the variant spelling of the French surname Chanel, which means “channel” and refers to a person who lives near a channel of water. As a given name it’s been in use since the 1970s, popularized by the French fashion icon Coco Chanel.

48. Charity. This rare and unique name derives from the Latin word caritas and means “generous love,” “dear,” and “beloved.” As an English name it was commonly used by the Puritans.

49. Chastity. Meaning “pure,” this name rose to popularity in the 1970s with the birth of Sonny Bono and Cher’s daughter.

50. Cherish. This girl’s name that starts with a C means “to treasure,” the perfect meaning for a little girl you’ll treasure!

51. Christiane. You might consider this the French and German form of Christina since it’s also derived from the male name Christian. However, it’s not that commonly used in English-speaking countries. In French it’s pronounced KREES-TYAN, and in German, kris-TYA-nə.

52. Cosima. This Italian girl’s name is the feminine form of the name Cosimo, derived from the Greek word kosmas, meaning “order” or “decency.”

53. Cybill. This rare spelling of the name Sibyl refers to the ancient Greek prophetesses. Even Christians believed that the sibyls had divine knowledge. The name fell out of favor until being revived in the nineteenth century. A famous actress with the name is Cybill Shepherd.

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54. Cymone. This is the rarer spelling of the name Simone, which—you may have guessed—is the female version of the male name Simon. The names mean “he (or she) has heard” in Hebrew.

Cute Girl Names That Start With C

If you’re looking for a short and cute girl’s name that starts with a C, check out the following options:

55. Chita. This cute Spanish girl’s name is the shortened version of Conchita and Concha, both of which are diminutives for Concepción. A famous bearer of the name is actress, singer, and dancer Chita Rivera.

56. Chrissy. Girls’ names Christine or Christina often use Chrissy as a nickname, but it works just as well on its own as a cute girl’s name that starts with C.

57. Cindy. Women with the name of Cynthia or Lucinda often use Cindy as a nickname, but it’s the type of name that can stand on its own. Cindy’s popularity peaked in the late 1950s, but there’s no reason why it can’t make a comeback.

58. Codie. This is the feminine form of the male name Cody, which comes from an Irish surname derived from the name Cuidightheach, which means “helpful.”

59. Coral. Just as you would assume, this name comes from the coral you’d find at the bottom of the ocean. If you’d like to be reminded of your travels to tropical destinations with coral reefs, you might like this name for your daughter.

60. Corie. This is a diminutive of the names Corinna, Cora, and Cornelia. It can also be spelled Corrie or Cori. Corie would make a very cute twin name pairing with Dorie.

61. Cosette. In French, this girl’s name means “little thing”—what an adorable meaning. The name also appears in Victor Hugo’s novel Les Misérables.

62. Cheryl. This girl’s name came about in the twentieth century, likely combining the names Cherie and Beryl. In French, chérie is a term of endearment, meaning “darling.”

Old-Fashioned Girl Names That Start With C

Honoring the past is always a good choice when it comes to picking a name for your baby girl. Whether you’re simply a fan of old-fashioned names, or have decided to honor a beloved relative or a favorite figure in history, any of these names would be a good choice:

63. Candace. This name comes from the Cushitic language and means “queen mother.” It famously appears in the New Testament, where it’s mentioned as a title for the queens of Ethiopia. The name was very common with Puritans, and its popularity continued into the twentieth century. A cute nickname for your baby girl could be Candi or Candy.

64. Carla. Though the name is most popular in the Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish languages, you’ll also find this name in German, Dutch, and English. It’s the feminine form of the male name Carl, Carlo, or Carlos.

65. Carmela. Here is the Italian and Spanish form of the name Carmel, which means “garden” in Hebrew. It’s also the name of a mountain mentioned in the Old Testament. Why not choose this beautiful, old-fashioned girl’s name that starts with C.

66. Cassandra. In Greek this girl’s name means “to excel” or “to shine.” In Greek mythology Cassandra was a Trojan princess. The name became popular in the Middle Ages, then fell out of favor until it was revived in the twentieth century. With its lovely meaning, it would be the perfect name for your little girl.

67. Catherine. This variant spelling of Katherine comes from the Greek and means “each of the two.” It’s sometimes been associated with the Greek word for pure. Saints, queens, and empresses have borne this name. Why not add your daughter to this esteemed list?

68. Christina. This is probably one of the most common Christian girl’s names—in fact it’s the female version of the male name Christian. A seventeenth-century Swedish queen by this name abdicated in order to become Catholic. The name can be spelled Cristina, Christine, or Christa.

69. Claribel. This old-fashioned girl’s name was created by combining the name Clara with the suffix bel. Three authors (Edmund Spenser, William Shakespeare, and Alfred, Lord Tennyson) used this made-up name in their works. It’s not a bad made-up name at all!

70. Clarissa. This name is used in English, French, and Italian. It’s derived from the Latin name Clarice, which is related to Clara, also on this list. In French it’s spelled Clarisse, and in Spanish, Clarisa.

71. Claudia. This girl’s name is popular in many languages, but its origins lie in the Latin male name Claudius, which means “lame” or “crippled.” Many Roman emperors and even saints bore this name.

72. Clotilde. This old-fashioned French girl’s name is Germanic in origin and means “fame” and “battle.” It can also be spelled Clothilde.

73. Colleen. From the Irish word cailín, the name simply means “girl.” It’s not frequently used in Ireland but has been very common in the United States since the twentieth century.

74. Constance. This old-fashioned English girl’s name comes from the Latin name Constans, which unsurprisingly means “constant” or “steadfast.” A cute nickname for your daughter can be Connie.

75. Cordelia. This woman’s name appeared in the twelfth-century chronicles of Geoffrey of Monmouth, and later appeared in Edmund Spenser’s poem The Faerie Queene as well as Shakespeare’s King Lear. Literary lovers will appreciate this choice of name.

76. Corinne. This is the French form of the name Corinna, which is Greek in origin and means “maiden,” sharing the history with the name Cora on this list.

77. Cynthia. Originally a Greek name, it meant “woman from Kynthos,” which is an island in Greece. The name was also an epithet for the goddess of the moon, Artemis. The name reached popularity in the United States in the late 1950s, but it’s waned since then. Why not bring it back?

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The Bottom Line

We hope you’ve found just the right name in this list of girls’ names that start with the letter C. If you need more inspiration, keep the alphabet going with girl names that start with the letter D and girl names inspired by flowers, plus lots more!

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What is the best C name? ›

  • Charlotte.
  • Camila.
  • Carter.
  • Chloe.
  • Charles.
  • Caleb.
  • Christopher.
  • Cameron.

What are the most popular C names? ›

The most popular names starting with C in the U.S. are currently Charlotte, Camila, Chloe, Claire, Caroline, Carter, Charles, Caleb, Christopher, and Cameron.

What is the #1 female name? ›

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  • Sophia.
  • Isabella.
  • Mia.
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What are some c nicknames? ›

CedricCed, Rick
CharlesCarl, Charlie, Chick, Chuck
ChesterChes, Chess, Chet
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31 Mar 2015

What is new name of c? ›

The list comprises of Unique boy baby names for alphabet 'C' that are popular across the world.
Modern Indian Boy names with meanings - Alphabet 'C'
ChakorA bird enamoured of the moon
ChakradevLord Vishnu
ChakradharLord Vishnu
ChakrapaniLord Vishnu
179 more rows

What is the baby name of c? ›

Baby boy names starting with CMeaning
ChennaLord Vishnu
ChandakaCharming, Poetic
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22 Mar 2022

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If you would like a name with a pretty sound, these unique girl names surely fit the bill.
  • Annalise. A combination of the name Anna and Lise, this name is simple, pretty, and unique.
  • Brigitta. ...
  • Charmaine. ...
  • Constance. ...
  • Geneviève. ...
  • Larisa. ...
  • Lorelei. ...
  • Lucinda.
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Is luxury a girl name? ›

The name Luxury is both a boy's name and a girl's name meaning "extravagance, opulence".

What is the prettiest name for a girl 2022? ›

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  • Charlotte.
  • Isabella.
  • Abigail.
  • Elizabeth.
  • Scarlett.
  • Eleanor.
  • Madison.
  • Penelope.
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What is a 3 letter name for a girl? ›

Other classic three letter girls names include Ada, Ida, Fay, Kay, and May. Unique three letter names for girls on our recommended list include Bay, Bee, Fia, Kit, Liv, Lou, Paz, Poe, Sky, Taj, Una, and Zen.

What are girl names that start with C and end with a? ›

Baby Names Finder
CamilaRemoved from list
CarolinaRemoved from list
ChristinaRemoved from list
ChelseaRemoved from list
CassandraRemoved from list
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What is a happy girl name? ›

Aida: Is of Italian origin and means 'happy. ' Felicia: Derives from the word meaning 'happy' in French. Felise: Latin American origin meaning 'happy feminine.

What is a cutest name? ›

  • Liam.
  • Noah.
  • Olivia.
  • Emma.
  • Oliver.
  • Charlotte.
  • Amelia.
  • Ava.

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One of the top girl names in the Western world, Sophia, means wisdom. Along with Sophia, other girl names with smart meanings in the US Top 1000 include Athena, Phoebe, Ramona, Sage, plus Sofia and Sophie. For boys, one of the top names internationally meaning intelligence or wisdom is Hugo.

What are some gender neutral names that start with C? ›

  • Carter.
  • Cameron.
  • Cooper.
  • Christian.
  • Charlie.
  • Carson.
  • Claire.
  • Chase.

Why are C function names so short? ›

This is partly historical. In very old C compilers, there was no guarantee that more than the first 8 characters of an identifier name would be used to determine uniqueness. This meant that, originally, all identifiers had to be eight or fewer characters, so method names were all made short.

What's a boys name with C? ›

Charlie, Christopher, Cooper, and Crawford are just some examples of the hundreds of strong baby boy names on this list.

What's a good baby name? ›

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What is the Greek name for C? ›

Greek Baby Names That Begin With C
CalanthaGreekbeautiful blossoms
95 more rows

What are some unique boy names that start with C? ›

More Unique and Unusual Boy Names That Start With C
10 More Unique and Rare Boy Names That Start With C
25.Caelanslender, fair
26.Callanbattle, rule
27.Carltonsettlement of free man
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What is a legendary name for a girl? ›

Names from mythology for Girls
AphroditeAncient Greekgoddess of love and beauty
AstarteEgyptiangod of the love, fertility and war
AtalantaGreeka mythological fast-footed maiden
AthenaAncient Greekgoddess of wisdom, war and guardian of Athens
66 more rows
20 Mar 2007

What is Cassie short for? ›

Cassie is a girl's name of Greek origin, meaning “shining over man.” Short for Cassandra, this darling moniker is most famously attributed to Cassandra, the prophetess in Greek mythology who foretold the fall of Troy. However, as the story goes, a curse on her predictions prevented anyone from believing her prophecies.

What is Coco short for? ›

Coco -- Corinne, Colette, Cordelia, and Chloe can all be shortened to Coco, but if you want to cut to the chase, like Courteney Cox did with her daughter, just name your little girl Coco.

What are French girl names that start with C? ›

French Baby Names for Girl That Starts with C List
CachetA desirable and prestigious womanGirl
CailaA lady from the forestGirl
CalandreA french name meaning LarkGirl
CalanthaOne who is like a beautiful flowerGirl
24 more rows

What does C say about you? ›

Good motivators and who have the power to convince others are the persons whose names start with Alphabet "C". These people can easily impress and have the trait of helping others. They are blessed with great amount of energy.

What does C mean before names? ›

What does it mean? Often abbreviated as c/o, “care of” means through someone or by way of someone. This phrase indicates that something is to be delivered to an addressee where they don't normally receive correspondence.

What does C stand for before a name? ›

care of: used in an address on a letter or parcel that you are sending to someone at another person's house. Peter Lawrence, c/- Joe Maloney...

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AudreyNoble strengthEnglish
AvyannaStrong, Powerful, Beautiful. WomanAmerican
AzizaBeloved precious; mightyHebrew
BaldhartBold or strongGerman
BennyBlessed; strong, brave bearSpanish
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Francoise Bettencourt Meyers

With her net worth estimated at $78.4 billion, Francoise Bettencourt is the wealthiest woman on earth.

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  • Juno. The Ancient Greeks weren't the only ones to have great mythological figures — the Romans did, too! ...
  • Iolani. This Hawaiian name is regal in more ways than one. ...
  • Malika. ...
  • Ece. ...
  • Morrigan. ...
  • Rhiannon. ...
  • Rani. ...
  • Saowanee.
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  • Victoria.
  • Hannah. ...
  • Addison. ...
  • Leah. Allen Berezovsky/Getty Images. ...
  • Lucy. CBS Photo Archive/Getty Images. ...
  • Eliana. Fairfax Media via Getty Images. ...
  • Ivy. Thearon W. ...
  • Everly. Chris Polk/KCA2018 / Getty Images. ...
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What girl name means gift from God? ›

Girl Names That Mean Gift Of God

Daysha (Latin) “gift from God” Dilsey (Sanskrit) “gift of God” Dolly (English) “gift of God” - Dolly is also on our list of southern baby girl names. Doretta (Greek) “gift of God” - Doretta is also on our list of beautiful old fashioned girl names.

What is the latest name of girl? ›

Worry not; there is a myriad of girl names out there in the world, and you can choose from any.
500+ Top Indian Baby Girl Names with Meanings.
Sr No.Indian Baby Girl NamesMeaning
1AadhyaFirst power
2AahanaInner light; the one who is immortal; first ray of the sun
3AachalOne who is steady
147 more rows
23 Dec 2021

What is the 1st most popular name? ›

Top Names Over the Last 100 Years
93 more rows

What is a happy name for a girl? ›

Aida: Is of Italian origin and means 'happy. ' Felicia: Derives from the word meaning 'happy' in French. Felise: Latin American origin meaning 'happy feminine.

What are some nicknames that start with C? ›

C - Female
CamilleCammie, Cammy, Millie
Carol/Caroline/CarolynCallie, Carol, Carrie, Cassie, Lynn, Caddie
94 more rows
31 Mar 2015

What name is Cici short for? ›

Cici is a girl's name of Latin origins. It is a nickname of Cecilia, which comes from the plebeian Roman family of Caecilii, but can also be used as a given name in its own right.

What are some unisex names that start with C? ›

  • Carter.
  • Cameron.
  • Cooper.
  • Christian.
  • Charlie.
  • Carson.
  • Claire.
  • Chase.

What is a fun name for a girl? ›

Funny Girl Names for Your Cool & Quirky Baby
LolaThe sorrowsSpanish
LulaFamous warriorGerman
MariaOf the seaLatin
MayaDreamIndian (Sanskrit)
10 more rows

What does C say about your name? ›

C is the letter of Community and C is the letter of Care. If you have a name starting with this letter, it means that you are a community person and are easy to get along with. Along with this, it also means that you are someone who is loyal as well, sometimes even to a fault.

What does the letter c represent? ›

c, third letter of the alphabet, corresponding to Semitic gimel (which probably derived from an early sign for "camel") and Greek gamma (Γ). A rounded form occurs at Corinth and in the Chalcidic alphabet, and both an angular and a rounded form are found in the early Latin alphabet, as well as in Etruscan.


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