Pisces Personality: All About This Dreamy Zodiac Sign (2023)

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  • 10 things to know about Pisces
  • What does this sign mean?
  • The dates and personality of this sign
  • What are their best qualities?
  • How about their flaws?
  • What if this is my rising sign?
  • Who is their perfect love match?

10 things to know about Pisces

Discover Susan Taylor's essential facts below;

  • Pisces dates:February 20th to March 20th
  • Strengths:Intuition, creativity
  • Qualities: Kindness, sensitivity
  • Weaknesses: Indecision, fragility
  • Your stones: Amethyst
  • Your planet:Neptune and Jupiter
  • Your element:Water
  • Your color:Blue
  • Your metals:Zinc
  • Corresponding body part:Feet

Check out 15 facts on the Pisces zodiac sign.

♓ What does Pisces mean? ♓

This sign is represented by two Fish swimming and tied together, yet they are facing in opposite directions. The zodiac symbol represents the duality of their personality. Natives of this sign are said to live in two different worlds; reality and fantasy, and their symbol represents exactly that. This sign symbolizes the infinite and unlimited. It endows many artistic gifts, especially music. This sign represents sacrifice, trial, confinement, mystery, hidden things, betrayal and chronic illness.Pisces Personality: All About This Dreamy Zodiac Sign (1)

This symbol is associated with religion and the circle of life.The fish encapsulate the chain of human evolution from vertebrae to men.

Jupiter and Neptune, are your master planets, and they make you a dreamy and very intuitive person.You understand others better than anyone else, which makes you a very generous person, but also anxious since you absorb the emotions and anxieties of others. Your idealism and adaptability make you an elusive and bewitching being.

Pisces sign dates and personality - February 20 to March 20

As one of the water signs, like Cancer and Scorpio, these natives are known for their empathy and are generally more complex than others. They are influenced by the planet Neptune, which governs dreams, psychic abilities, creativity, and metaphysics. Neptune's presence blesses the Pisces personality with a keen intuitive sense as well as artistic talents.

These natives are very intuitive people who are known for being sociable and understanding. They are tenacious and never let go. This character that is certainly beneficial when it comes to achieving goals, however, they must know how to moderate their behavior in order not to fall into obstinacy. They are charming and resort to their power of persuasion when they want something. They are persevering but at the same time discreet, that is to say that they will not show any persistence while they use their intelligence, tact, and finesse to achieve their goals.

Pisces is sensible and veryreceptive, which is why they are so great at absorbing only information.Their personality is very understanding, which is why they are great at giving advice. Their idealism and adaptabilitymake them fascinating and captivating. In love, the final astrology sign looks for security and a matches best with well-rounded individuals. For Pisces natives, difficulties can arise when they become too fused with other people, which can lead to unhealthy relationships. They may experience many disappointments by giving their trust too quickly or too often.

What are Pisces' best qualities? This is the sincerest zodiac personality

Pisces is a fascinating astrological sign with many assets, here are some of them. First, theirsensitivity is a formidable giftwhich allows these natives to pick up on vibes and atmospheres. They are very emotional and always speak from their heart with great sincerity. For them, communication is the key to any healthy relationship, along with strong amounts of devotion. They are very emotional and always speak from the heart when it comes to expressing their feelings. This is a blessing for those around them, as communication is the key to any healthy relationship.

Pisces' folks are also very appreciated for their dedication. Indeed, they are always there to help, no matter the time of day, night and regardless of how tired they are. They make for devoted and loyal friends.Their idealism also makes them very endearing because they dream of a better world, filled with love. This may make them seem a bit naive at times, but their dreams are refreshing. Plus, their intuition is also a great asset, as long as they trust themselves. They know instinctively what is going to happen, and they are rarely wrong.

What are Pisces' main flaws? These natives can be hypersensitive

We all have the defects of our qualities, and this sign is no exception to the rule! These folks need to work on their hypersensitivity, because with them everything turns into melodrama. It's not uncommon for certain malicious people to take advantage of this hypersensitivity and drag these natives down.Their indecision is also an axis of progressbecause they are unable to make choices, and this really annoys their family or professional entourage. This personality prefers others to take charge and go with the flow.

Unfortunately, you are an adept at taking the easy way out. That's right, you are incapable of making a decision and this greatly annoys those around you, whether at home or at work. You prefer to let others take the reins for you and let them decide for you. By doing this, you lose all confidence in yourself, you infantilize yourself and place yourself in a weak position. Your refusal of reality is also a BIG flaw.Indeed, as soon as things get complicated, you face up to reality and run for refuge into your imagination. Plus, you are sometimes criticized for your lack of seriousness or your refusal to take responsibility. In short, dear Pisces, you absolutely must learn how to manage your emotions if you wish to live a fulfilling life.

What does it mean to have Pisces as your rising sign?

To have Pisces rising sign in your natal chart means you advance by instinct, flair, or intuition.You are also both inspired to do better and creative. This ascendant guarantees you a gentle, friendly, sociable character that means you make friends easily. Your only flaw is that you find it very difficult to say no.

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Now that you know your ascendant, discover your personality in more detail:

  • Aries sun Pisces rising
  • Taurus sun Pisces rising
  • Gemini sun Pisces rising
  • Cancer sun Pisces rising
  • Leo sun Pisces rising
  • Virgo sun Pisces rising
  • Libra sun Pisces rising
  • Scorpio sun Pisces rising
  • Sagittarius sun Pisces rising
  • Capricorn sun Pisces rising
  • Aquarius sun Pisces rising
  • Pisces sun Pisces rising

Pisces' compatibility: Who is their perfect match?

Dear Pisces personality, as a very fragile and sensitive soul, you need to share your life with an astrological sign that has the necessary stature to support you. You absolutely must be on the same page as your partner and share a gentle and delicate daily routine. You'll have lots in common with Cancer, while a Scorpio will bring the magic you want. Pisces and Scorpio are a perfect matchbecause they are both sensitive, tender, and attentive, although they are both sometimes a little invasive but always willing to succeed. You can also form a sweet couple with a Leo, as long as you make some efforts along the way. The Leo is fully nourished by the kindness and romanticism that you are looking for.

Your best matches are:

  • Pisces + Cancer compatibility = Pure bliss
  • Pisces + Scorpio compatibility = One sensitive couple
  • Pisces + Virgo compatibility = A promising pair

Pisces Personality: All About This Dreamy Zodiac Sign (2)

What signs should they avoid in love?

They areincompatiblewithGemini and Sagittarius.They don't stand a chance with Gemini because they are on totally different pages and struggle to understand each other. As for Sagittarius, Pisces is likely to be scared away, being their tough and brash personalities.

>>> Discoverwhich zodiac signs are incompatible in love.

Pisces’ birthstone is the Amethyst

The last zodiacal sign, Pisces, closes the astral loop and symbolizes the new beginning, the spiritual rebirth. The native of this sign is a sensitive being, who deeply feels emotions and trusts their instinct more than their reason. Thus, according to the waves and currents of life, this sign knows how to adapt to all situations and people. The lucky birthstone of this sign is Amethyst; a symbol of wisdom and temperance, it is said to increase spirituality. Amethyst has been popular since ancient times and admired by many civilizations, this fine stone, is a member of the quartz family, and naturally has this sublime hue, varying from transparent pink to dark purple. It was once worn to protect against drunkenness or witchcraft, or even to preserve virginity!

We reveal more traits in our unmissable video:

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Susan Taylor’s insights: The final word on Pisces

Pisces, your intelligence is expressed through intuition. A quality that echoes Neptune, your ruling planet, meaning no one can lie to you because you detect what is hidden behind the mirror of faces. You are full of goodness, you can sacrifice your ideals for love without ever admitting it to those around you. To learn more about your sign, connect with an Astrofame expert.

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More details about this sign:

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* Literature Source:The Only Astrology Book You'll Ever Need, Author; Joanna Martine Woolfolk, Published in 2012 and available here: Amazon - The Only Astrology Book You'll Ever Need

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