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League of Stickman is challenging but rewarding

The benefits are worth downloading the game:

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Benefits you get:

You can level up your characters in different ways


There are plenty of upgrades available for your characters

While the game has a steep learning curve, it's easy to see why it's so popular. It's got an anime-inspired art style, cute and quirky characters, and some of the best combat mechanics we've ever seen in a mobile game. If you're still playing on the lite version or have yet to make the jump into the full version of the game — here are five reasons why you should be playing League of Stickman Mod Apk right now!

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League of Stickman is challenging but rewarding

If you’re a gamer, be sure to check out League of Stickman. It’s got a lot of action, and it’s really challenging. The game is also rewarding, as you advance through the levels and the storyline, you’ll unlock new characters and new weapons.League of Stickman is a bit of a forest area-focused game. Playing it in a different order is entirely up to the player. You can move through each stage pretty quickly if you play carefully, but it can get frustrating if you get cocky and try to rush ahead too fast. Certain characters can also jump pretty high, which is a ton of fun when you need to get somewhere relatively quickly.

The original game was made by Capcom, their famous fighting game studio. You can check out Alientrap’s Steam Page here if you’re interested in checking out their other mobile games, and if you’re looking for more, you can check out What if Samurai Shodown was a video game?

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League of Stickman is a free-to-play game that requires some kind of Pokemon and/or League of Legends account to gain access to certain in-game features. But, don’t let this deter you! The game is absolutely tons of fun, and you won’t have a problem finding hours of fun in this semi-tap-to-move-left-or-right strategy game. At around $1 per session, there’s a lot of value to be found here.

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The benefits are worth downloading the game:

According to Joystiq, League of Stickman's longevity is also high, as the game "retails as a digital download and is very easy to pick up and play in a single session." If you are looking for something to play fast, fun, and competitive then this game is 100% worth a try with the following benefits:

League of Stickman has a ton of characters to unlock and play

There are over 80 different characters you can unlock and play in League of Stickman. Some of the secrets of the game can only be unlocked by paying real-world money or using an in-game currency you earn while playing the game. Some are unlocked by progressing through the game and others by buying real-life money which is available to all players.After you unlock characters you’ll unlock stickers that you can use to customize your in-game skin. You can also trade in assets you get from defeating enemies to gain in-game currency. Purchasing the premium currency involves you paying real-world money. However, the premium currency is used to unlock premium skins for 15 different characters.

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Benefits you get:

Buying the currency also gives you one free skin — the Japanese anime idol, Misa Fujisaki — which you can use to decorate your outside. The characters and backgrounds that you customize are the only customizations you get! You can easily spend hours playing this game just customizing the outside of your phone!There’s also a global casual leaderboard so you can compete with players around the world. As you play you earn stars that you can use to power up your characters’ attacks and special attacks. These stars can be used to double the attack speed of characters, transform the damage done by certain attacks, and gain access to premium skins for new characters. Sometimes all it takes to win the game is a little patience.The combat itself is extremely fast-paced utilizing the attack, guard, and dodge system your characters already know. One of the new features was the addition of a magic system! Characters now have the ability to tap into a certain element to unleash a powerful attack. These attacks are a mixture of regular attacks and their unique element.While these attacks are powerful they can only be used while in the attack or guard stances. Characters can also cancel their regular attacks if they find themselves in a vulnerable state during an attack. For added tension, characters are also now vulnerable when they use a combo.

You can level up your characters in different ways

You can level up your characters in different ways depending on which game you’re playing. In some games, you have to level up by fighting enemies, but in other games, you level up by completing quests. Some games allow you to level up by crafting your character or by completing other tasks.


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One of my favorite things about League of Stickman is that there are different difficulty modes. Depending on the game, you may be required to get a specific number of kills before you’re given a super skill for your character. Other times, you just have to earn experience and move on to the next level. The appeal of these different modes lies in the varied gameplay and sparseness of the game.League of Stickman's level-up mechanic is a great incentive for players to keep playing the game. There's an excellent amount of replayability in the game if you're willing to put in the effort. The game is available on, Mac and Playstation.League of Stickman is simple to pick up and play. There are so many different characters, skills, and items to choose from when it comes to playing League of Stickman. You might even enjoy it more if that’s one of the things that may turn you off to other games, especially if you’re a fan of collectibles and unique characters.

League of Stickman has everything it takes to make it a perfect game for those that likely never played a firefighting game before.

There are plenty of upgrades available for your characters

As you level up, there are plenty of upgrades available to you. For example, you can upgrade your spells. With every new level, you’re given one skill point that you can use to buy an upgrade for a spell. These upgrades can make your spells stronger and more effective. You can also upgrade your weapons. By spending your skill points, you can throw in elemental upgrades for your weapons, allowing you to do more damage.If you’re willing to put in the work, you can even upgrade your base weapon — known as “the bane” — with powerful magical upgrades. If you can put in the time and effort, you can unlock not only more offensive and defensive upgrades but also more powerful attacks and skills.“But why? Why play a game that’s only been around for a week,” people often ask. League of Stickman has a competent combat system, adorable characters, and an engaging story. The game is one of the most popular games on the app store's app store in the last few months. Why not just stick with another Pixar game, right?One of my favorite parts about this game is its unique take on AR combat. Unlike the AR combat systems we see in most of the games in the current generation, League of Stickman takes the concept of an AR environment, places you in it, and creates a really intuitive combat system.Conclusion: Download this game now and start playing the best game in the world!

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