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Make your clothing idea a reality with ease. Add/change vendors or create a product from scratch!
From design to delivery, we take care of the entire process with our end-to-end solution

Our clothing manufacturers help you create a new brand.a new pant brand.a new dress branda new jacket branda new sock branda new hoodie brand

With over 500+ vendors across 25 countries, we'll make your clothing manufacturing process a breeze.
We handle everything from vendor quoting and negotiation to shipping and warehouse coordination.

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    With over 45 years of manufacturing experience, we'll make your product idea a reality with ease. Add or change vendors or create a product from scratch! From design, sampling, manufacturing, and delivery...we make it happen.

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    We assist at any stage of the manufacturing process from quote to delivery.

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  • Lower your per unit product cost and reinvest capital back into your business

    Product Extensions
    Easily add new product extensions, suppliers, or expand geographies to keep your business growing quickly

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    Lower supply chain costs by using the Manufactured platform to mange your entire supply chain projects from beginning to delivery

    Inventory Dependability
    With our payment options, you have the ability to stock more inventory so you never miss out on product demand

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    With our geographically diverse vendor network, we help you compare quotes so you’re able to de-risk, diversify and scale your manufacturing

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  • Manage and optimize your product supply chain process with an integrated system

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    Easily keep track of communication with vendors with our all inclusive platform that includes SMS, email, What’s App and more.

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    Keep operational costs minimal with our all encompassing solutions. Save on product cost, shipping, tariffs, etc

    Integrated Tools

    With our large network of integrations, you can manage your supply chain projects with ease

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    Simplifying the manufacturing process

    With over 500+ vendors across 25 countries, we'll make your manufacturing process a breeze.
    We handle everything from vendor quoting and negotiation to shipping and warehouse coordination.

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  • Design / CAD SketchesIf you’re creating a new product, send your product specs and CAD images. We can assist with this if you don’t have specs. If you are switching vendors, mail us your sample
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    • Production SamplesWe send you a production sample to ensure the production meets the sample quality
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        Over 500+ vendors across multiple countries and categories


        • Apparel & Textiles
        • Fashion Accessories
        • Beauty & Personal Care
        • Consumer Electronics
        • Tools & Hardware
        • Food & Beverages
        • Gifts & Crafts
        • Health & Medical
        • Home & Garden
        • Office & School Supplies
        • Packaging & Printing
        • Rubber & Plastics
        • and more!

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        SOURCED FROM:USA,China, Vietnam, Cambodia, Myanmar,Bangladesh, Turkey, Italy, El Salvador, Guatemala, Taiwan, India, Pakistan, Nigeria, Mexico, South Africa, Korea, Dominican Republic, Sri Lanka, Canada, Egypt, Germany, and more.

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        Manufactured works with clothing manufacturers throughout the world that provide blank apparel made with different materials. Working with Manufactured will provide instant supply chain manufacturing progress all in one dashboard. As a customer you will be able to directly speak with private label clothing manufacturers to discuss logo designs, material types, colors, shipping logistics and more. With Manufactured you will never have to worry about the manufacturing process while having the highest quality of clothing and service.

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        Clothing Manufacturers

        Manufactured assists with your private label clothing product design, sourcing, prototypes, production, and quality control and shipping. We curate the best manufacturing solution using our expert sourcing network to meet the right product cost for your brand needs. We handle the entire sourcing processes, beginning to end.

        What is a private label clothing manufacturer?

        A private label clothing manufacturer is manufactures by a contract or third-party manufacturer and sold under a retailer’s brand name. As the retailer, you specify everything about the product – what goes in it, how it’s packaged, what the label looks like – and pay to have it produced and delivered to your store.

        How do I start a private label clothing line?

        Many people want to start a clothing line or clothing brand. Is not that hard, and with Manufactured you are connected to private label clothing manufacturing. Manufactured doesnt just help brands create unique apparel designs. But, assists in needs of making a new clothing brand. Apparel retailers need to master marketing, manufacturing, and retailing, among other things.

        Can I put my own tag on wholesale clothing?

        With Manufactured your label can be put wholesale private label clothing. After purchasing clothing items from a manufacturer, it becomes yours, and you can do whatever you wish.

        How much does it cost to start a clothing line?

        Startup costs can vary greatly across different clothing lines, but in general, a small-sized clothing line will need aminimum of $500to get started, a medium-sized line should have between $1,000 to $5,000 for startup costs and a large line will need approximately $25,000 to $50,000 upfront.

        Why are private labels cheaper?

        Private Label Clothing products are cheaper because it helps manufactures have lower operating costs. Products chosen should regularly retail at five or six times the manufacturing price. This will leave the manufacturer room to provide the price discounts required of private-label goods. Therefore, most items chosen are cheaper to manufacture and produce in high volume.

        Where do small businesses get their clothes made?

        The most common overseas clothing manufacturers includeChina, India, Taiwan, and a host of other Asian countries. For many years, clothing manufacturers from China have been the most popular, with companies that produce all types of clothing for dropshipping and resale easily found online.

        How can I get my own clothing manufacturer?

        With Manufactured, just need to login and create an account and it will easily take 1-3 Business Days to speak with multiple manufacturers. Then have a plan once clothing is manufactured:

        1. Study the industry to see clothing price points.
        2. Choose a niche.
        3. Identify your target audience.
        4. Identify your value proposition.
        5. Create a budget.
        6. Create a business plan.
        7. Build a reliable team.
        8. Work out a sales plan.

        How do I find the best clothing vendors?

        Manufactured works with several clothing vendors and manufactures throughout the world. Once a user signs in and submits the exact details of the clothing product they are looking for, they are given options from several vendors. If not, people must search through the internet and trust random online sources.

        How many designs do you need to start a clothing line?

        Manufactured believes that you should test out the clothing line first and see what fits with your demographic. Before investing largely into a clothing line see how things sell before adding 8 to 10 styles for your collection.

        What is the difference between contract manufacturing and private label?

        In Contract Manufacturing, you get into an agreement with a manufacturer to make a product or its parts for you. But in Private Labeling, you take an unbranded product, get it customized from your manufacturer, and sell it as your brand.

        Who produces private label products?

        Private label products are manufactured by a third party, which is responsible for developing the product as per the retailer’s guidelines.

        Are private labels worth it?

        Private label products cut down marketing and operational costs. So you can get high returns and build a loyal customer base.

        Why do companies use private labels?

        For a retailer, selling a new product is challenging and a slow process. But with private labeling, you don’t create products from scratch. You contact manufacturers, choose and customize products, and sell them as yours. From pricing to production to the brand name, you can customize your products as you like.

        Is private label profitable?

        Private label products help you build your brand’s voice. The cost of manufacturing private label products is cheaper than creating a whole new brand.

        Can You Private Label Anything?

        From fashion, clothes, beverages, cosmetics, household paper & plastics, dairy items, frozen foods to more, you can find private label manufacturers for any physical product.

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