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More about Banquet Halls in Old Mahabalipuram Road Omr, Chennai

If you have a wedding coming up in your family and booking a perfect venue is first on your priority list, check out to find the best options and deals. has loads of venues listed across Chennai city, including wedding hotels, banquet halls, wedding lawns, terrace banquet halls, 5 star wedding hotels, destination wedding hotels, wedding resorts, heritage wedding venues, beach weddings venues, and farmhouses, among others. However, if you have a few questions before you start checking out wedding venues in, read below.


The rundown of non-negotiables and negotiables for the big day may help you keep a tab on your money. During a wedding, one mainly splurges on shopping, venue, food and decor. Be prepared to expect the unexpected and don't forget to keep a buffer aside from your budget for some hiccups you may or may not face during the ceremony. Lastly, it is possible to have a grand ceremony without breaking your bank. All you need to do is research well and be money-wise!

Venue type

Types of wedding venues:

You can explore from a wide range of banquet options to celebrate your event depending on your budget. If you have picked Chennaicity, let us tell you that there is no shortage of event venues and you will be surprised at how well-maintained and decked-up with all the modern facilities these venues are. We have a total of 1718 marriage halls in Chennai. Out of these, 1718 small banquet halls are great for parties and 1718 large banquet halls may help turn your dream wedding and reception to reality. Some of the popular large banquet halls that you can explore for your big event are

  • Hyatt Regency

. You can have a look at some of the most sought-after small party halls in the city:

    . There are 1718 AC banquet halls in Chennai which you can choose for your big day.

    If you have your heart set on an outdoor wedding, then don't forget to browse through 156 Wedding Lawns this city has to offer. Some of the popular wedding lawns that you may want to grab a look at:

    • AKDR Golf Village
    • West View Party Hall
    • Friends Park Ammachi Party Hall
    • Mehtas Pritee Beach Houses
    • Geetha Citadel Wedding and Conventions


    Chennai has 32 5 Star Wedding Hotels as well. You are more than welcome to pursue these 5 Star Wedding Hotels for your big day:

    • Green Meadows Resort
    • Welcomhotel By ITC Hotels
    • The Accord Metropolitan
    • Hablis Hotel
    • Turyaa Chennai


    If you want an offbeat celebration, then we suggest you don't shy away from hosting it at destination wedding hotels, wedding resorts, heritage wedding venues, beach weddings venues, and farmhouses.

    Guest capacity

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    Once you have absolute clarity on guest capacity and the type of venue, the process of filtering the right venue would get easier for you. The minimum and maximum capacity of venues can vary from less than a hundred to a few thousand. So, first sort out your guest list and then start your venue hunt.


    If booking the accommodation of your guests at the venue is your priority, you must enquire about it at the time of booking the place itself. Here, you must also check out the number of rooms they have and if they are going to meet your requirements. Check the rooms beforehand, see if they meet your expectations


    The first and the most crucial part of any wedding celebration is indeed food. Whosoever is hosting an event wants the most delicious and quality food to be served to his guests. So, while booking a venue, check out if they have in-house catering services, whether or not they allow outside caterers, what kind of food they serve - vegetarian and non-vegetarian, and their charges.


    If serving high-quality liquor to guests is your priority, then before booking a venue please check if they serve alcohol or allow you to get it from outside. A few venues have strict ‘No alcohol’ policy, so checking beforehand will be wise.


    A few have a fancy decor theme in mind while others want the decoration to be a simple affair - so whatever you decide for your wedding, check if the venue you have selected is able to cater to your needs. Many venues have in-house decorators while others allow you to hire them from outside. Now, see what goes best with your requirements and take a decision accordingly.


    Many guests prefer to drive down to the venue, so you must check if the venue offers enough parking space and whether or not that’s going to be sufficient for your guests. Many high-end venues also provide valet parking facility. So, it’s preferable to check with the venue in advance about the parking facility they have.


    If you are too particular about the kind of music or DJ you want for your wedding, let the venue know about your specifications in advance. Also make sure the venue has no restriction on music or DJ. Check if they provide DJ service as well.

    Deals on popular venues

    With on your team, you can avail up to 30 percent off on some of the popular venues. Don't believe us? Why not give these venues a try? Explore: 1718 (Popular Venues with deals)

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    Frequently Asked Questions about

    Banquet Halls

    There are nearly 1718 banquet halls in Old Mahabalipuram Road Omr, Chennai, of which the following are the Best Banquet Halls in Chennai:

    • OYO Townhouse 056 Krishna Palace

    always high on demand. Based on your specifications such as the capacity of the hall, facilities provided by the vendor, food and decor availability, among others, you can zoom onto the party halls that you would like to check out at

    Yes, you can and it's super easy! You can quickly find the availability of banquet halls in Old Mahabalipuram Road Omr, Chennai by just giving us a call at +914449916227, where our venue experts will assist you with all the available banquets for the March 2023 and April 2023. You can also schedule a Virtual Video Tour for banquet halls in Old Mahabalipuram Road Omr, Chennai that you wish to check out and virtually visit as many banquet halls in the Chennai as you want, and then Book your shortlisted banquet online quickly.

    The prices of wedding venues in Old Mahabalipuram Road Omr, Chennai city can range from 120 to 3200. Depending on your budget and other specifications, you can select a few wedding venues and then check out their availability on the date of your event. Old Mahabalipuram Road Omr, Chennai has an ample number of options available in every price range, so selecting a venue should not be an issue at all. And the best way to get the list of venues going with your specifications, is to log into

    There are 1718 banquet halls in Old Mahabalipuram Road Omr, Chennai city among which you should definitely take a look at

    • Hyatt Regency
    • Sundaramoorthy Natarajan Maligai
    • Annai Sivakami Mahal
    • APR Hall
    • Sweet O Hall

    . These banquet halls have been highly rated by the customers who have hosted their functions here in the past. The parameters on which a banquet is rated are its service and hospitality, quality of food and decor, cleanliness, prompt troubleshooting, and whether or not things were delivered the way they were promised.

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    No matter whether you are looking for a classy, high-end banquet or a subtle, budget-friendly hall, Old Mahabalipuram Road Omr, Chennai has ample options to cater to all your requirements. Currently, the city has nearly 1718 banquet halls. You can make your guest list, prepare the checklist and then start your banquet hunt. No, you don’t have to physically check out each and every wedding venue; all you need to do is log into, tick the options apt for you, and check out the list of venues. At, you can check out the number of banquet halls the city has to offer, their capacity, whether or not they have accommodation facility, do they serve food or allow you to hire outside caterers, and parking facility. provides every information related to a venue.

    There are 156 good wedding lawns in Old Mahabalipuram Road Omr, Chennai city. The few of the best wedding lawns you must check out in Old Mahabalipuram Road Omr, Chennai city are (

    • AKDR Golf Village
    • West View Party Hall
    • Friends Park Ammachi Party Hall
    • Mehtas Pritee Beach Houses
    • Geetha Citadel Wedding and Conventions

    ). If you always fancied a lawn wedding, these exquisite venues will have your heart. Well-maintained and green, a wedding held here is sure to feel like a fairytale. After tentatively deciding the number of guests attending the function, select a lawn that can easily accommodate all your invitees. Other factors such as food, decor, lighting, locality, cleanliness and seating capacity, among others, should also be kept in mind before zooming onto the lawn that will be ideal for you.

    The popular 5 star wedding hotels in Old Mahabalipuram Road Omr, Chennai city are (

    • Green Meadows Resort
    • Welcomhotel By ITC Hotels
    • The Accord Metropolitan
    • Hablis Hotel
    • Turyaa Chennai

    ). In total, Old Mahabalipuram Road Omr has 32 5 star wedding hotels in which

    • Green Meadows Resort
    • Welcomhotel By ITC Hotels
    • The Accord Metropolitan
    • Hablis Hotel
    • Turyaa Chennai

    are extremely popular among the elites. Most of the 5 star hotels in the city have multiple venues of varying capacity, including halls, lawns and terrace areas. It goes without saying that the services provided by them are world-class and unparalleled. Tasteful decoration, delicious world cuisine, impressive hospitality, elegant lighting, and ample parking space, they make sure every aspect of your event is perfectly taken care of.

    There is an exquisite list of venues in Old Mahabalipuram Road Omr, Chennai city where you can host a big fat wedding. The city has approximately 2076 venues in total in which 1 are perfect to host a big fat wedding. Whether you want to host a grand open-air function in a lawn or you wish to book a huge banquet hall for your wedding, Old Mahabalipuram Road Omr has great options available for you. These venues can host a large number of guests and also has a great seating capacity. It goes without saying that their services are excellent as they understand that those hosting their functions here wants the wedding to be as grand and regal as possible. Indians are known to host lavish weddings where they want their guests to enjoy the best of food, decor, and hospitality. And the above venues are known to host extravagant and flawless events.

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    The success of any event depends a lot on the venue. If you are trusted with the responsibility of organizing an event for your company, may we suggest starting your search for the venue with us? At, we have 0 venues for corporate events in Old Mahabalipuram Road Omr, Chennai city. Out of these, 40 venues are the best ones available in the corporate event category. If you want to go by our recommendation, we suggest exploring 2 venues for your event. Do you want to host a meeting, conference or seminar? How many attendees are you expecting? Are there any International or out-of-town guests as well? Do you need audio-visuals, wi-fi or tech support for the event? So when you zero down to one, do give these factors a thought: location, banquet type, layout, audiovisual & tech support, parking, lodging facilities, food & beverages, signages, and other services offered at the venue. At, it is very easy to find a perfect fit for your event. All you need to do is use appropriate filters for your search, and you can find one.

    When talking about exhibitions, it's common for us to think about only art exhibitions. But these are not the only type of exhibitions one can organize. Trade shows and consumer exhibitions also fall under this category. If you are on the lookout for exhibition venues, you certainly have something big planned for your audience. While metro cities of India - Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, and Chennai - have people flocking over from around the globe, there is no dearth of exhibition venues in tier 2 and 3 cities as well. can help you find that perfect venue in around 28 cities to make your exhibition a big hit. At, we have 0 venues namely

      etc. listed to make it easier for the corporates and even individuals to organize an event gallery.

      While you browse through the list of venues in the city you plan to have your next big exhibition, let us give you the rundown on how to pick one. If you aim to cater to particular demographics, make sure the ambiance and the venue reflect that same enthusiasm as you do. Any exhibition requires free-flowing traffic and layout to accommodate your event needs, so the layout and floor plan of the venue can be a major factor that can contribute to your event's success. Apart from these, you can not afford to forget about capacity, services, and amenities offered there. Parking can be a major dealbreaker, so make sure to have it sorted beforehand. Last but not least, book the venue well in advance so that you don't have to go through venue-hunting again.

      Do you have a big event coming up? At, we have listed around 1718 banquet halls in Old Mahabalipuram Road Omr, Chennai city that you can choose from. Each of these marriage halls offers some USPs in terms of party areas, decor services, culinary provisions, and more. Not to mention, you can explore 5-star hotels, luxury properties, and the most-booked venues that we can vouch for at After selecting the city and locality, you can browse through the plethora of banquet halls depending on your guest list, event-type, and the type of services - food, decor, amenities - that you will love to avail. And the best part is you can find all these pieces of information on our website. If you are looking for a venue that can easily entertain a guest list of over 500 people in Old Mahabalipuram Road Omr, Chennai city, you just need to click here for a list of 1718 banquets halls. When in need of a venue in your city, you can always count on

      You can find around 235 banquet halls in Old Mahabalipuram Road Omr, Chennai city that offer valet parking facility. Whether you plan to host a social gathering or a corporate event, you can always expect many of your guests who plan on driving down to the venue. And it won't make for a first good impression if they have to go around looking for a parking space. So why not consider a venue that offers valet parking services and treats your guests like a celeb? can make the selection easier for you. All you have to do is apply filter by valet parking and voila, you have all the venues in front of you.

      Gone are the days when you had to count on your relatives or colleagues to score a good venue for a big event. With at your fingertips, you just have to mention the city or even locality, and you just name it and we can get the whole list of available venues - banquet halls, outdoor lawns, party plots, party lawns, cocktail venues, destination wedding venues, corporate event venues, and more - at your disposal. You can always connect with us through our website or call our 24*7 helpline number - +914449916227. We are always happy to help you find the perfect venue.

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      What is the difference between banquet hall and marriage hall? ›

      Banquet halls are mainly for hosting party like marriage party, anniversary, reception, birthday celebrations etc. Function halls are build for organising other functions like seminars, meetings, convocations, annual functions etc.

      Why is banquet halls used for? ›

      A banquet hall, function hall, or reception hall, is a special purpose room, or a building, used for hosting large social and business events. Typically a banquet hall is capable of serving dozens to hundreds of people a meal in a timely fashion.

      Which is the biggest marriage hall in India? ›

      Umaid Bhawan Palace- Jodhpur

      The Umaid Bhawan Palace is home to one of the grandest ballrooms in the world- The Marwar hall. The 4,500 square feet Marwar hall has a same sized ballroom at the opposite side called the Mewar Hall. Together they are a sprawling 9000 square feet of event space.

      What are the requirements of banquet hall? ›

      Licenses Required for Banquet Hall Serving Food
      • Permit the premises to be cleaned and disinfected at regular intervals.
      • Dust, dirt, fumes, and smoke disposal system should be properly planned.
      • The premises cannot permit the entry of pests.
      • Provide a safe environment for workers and customers.
      Aug 18, 2018

      What do most people do at a banquet? ›

      Banquets are traditionally held to enhance the prestige of a host, or reinforce social bonds among joint contributors. Modern examples of these purposes include a charitable gathering, a ceremony, or a celebration. They often involve speeches in honor of the topic or guest of honour.

      What is the benefit of banquet in hotel? ›

      As compared to your homes or any outdoor wedding setup, banquet halls have the advantage of luxurious and modernized bathrooms or washrooms, dressing rooms for the bride and groom, changing room or powder rooms and even vanity parlours to provide a comprehensive facility to the families and friends of both the parties.

      How do you negotiate with a banquet hall? ›

      10 Ways to Negotiate a Better Deal With Venues
      1. Tell the venue your budget. ...
      2. Prove your worth. ...
      3. Choose a venue that resonates with your event. ...
      4. Be as flexible as possible about date and time. ...
      5. Leverage food and beverage spend to negotiate free space. ...
      6. Be strategic as to when you sign the contract.
      Jul 22, 2019

      Which is the expensive marriage in India? ›

      1. Isha Ambani and Anand Piramal: 7 billion rupees ($86 million) Mukesh Ambani, whose net worth is estimated to be $42 billion, left no stone unturned to give his only the daughter a wedding to remember.

      Which marriages are more successful in India? ›

      The most convincing reason that proves arranged marriages is better than Love marriages would be Statistics! In most cases, couples who had an arranged marriage are more understanding towards each other. In an arranged marriage, first few years of the marriage are spent in knowing and understanding the person.

      Which is the most expensive marriage in India? ›

      Isha Ambani and Anand Piramal

      With an overall cost of 700 crores, the wedding is at the top of the list of most expensive Indian weddings that have happened until now. And who else other than Mukesh Ambani, one of the richest men in India, can do that!

      What are the 4 different types of banquet service? ›

      Banquet Types
      • Buffet. Buffet service is very common in events with large numbers of attendees. ...
      • Reception. Finger food and appetizers are presented in a buffet-style arrangement where guests can serve themselves. ...
      • Food Stations. ...
      • Cafeteria-style. ...
      • Plated. ...
      • Family-style. ...
      • Pre-set.
      Dec 28, 2021

      What are the 2 main types of banquet service? ›

      The banquet department offers 4 popular styles of service:
      • Standing Buffet.
      • Passed-Items Function.
      • Seated Buffet.
      • Seated Banquet.

      Do you have to dress up for a banquet? ›

      While there are many ways to make formal banquet attire really mesh with your personal style, it's essential to follow the dress code as it's written. This will show respect to the host and the event and ensure you feel confident all evening long. Dress codes range from casual attire to semi-formal to black tie.

      What are the 8 types of banquet room set up? ›

      • The different types of banquet style setups are:
      • U-SHAPE STYLE:
      • Banquet Hall : Raj Darbar.

      How many banquet tables do you need for 100 guests? ›

      We generally follow an 8 people per table rule. This is just enough for everyone to have some good conversations, without making the tables too crowded. This rule works better with traditional seating plans, with round or square tables. Following this, you would need 12.5 tables.

      How do you eat at a banquet? ›

      1. c. Food is served to guest's left side, and beverage is served.
      2. from the guest's right side. Clearing dishes is from the guest's right side.
      3. d. Hold all dishes by the rim of the plate. Keep your fingers away from the food.
      4. e. Keep cups and glasses on the table when refilling them.

      How many guests can sit per table in a banquet style? ›

      Banquet Style Seating

      It is also suited for corporate events such as appreciation parties, charity events, as well as team-building events. It is a classic seating arrangement that makes use of round tables for 8 to 10 persons.

      How much room do you need for a banquet? ›

      A banquet-style event with round tables will require about 12 square feet per person, an auditorium-style presentation with comfortable rows of chairs will require about 8 square feet per person, and so on.

      What is the difference between buffet and banquet? ›

      A buffet is a casual meal where the guests serve themselves. A banquet is a more formal meal with several courses. The main difference between buffet and banquet is that a banquet may be held in honor of someone whereas buffets are mainly held to offer food.

      What happens at a wedding banquet? ›

      Typically, the banquet will include a speech from the parents, the best man, the maid of honor, and the guest speaker. There will be cake cutting, toasts, a tea ceremony, and dancing. The two tables at the center of the room are for the groom's and bride's families.

      Do banquet servers get gratuity? ›

      A service fee or gratuity may also be included on the bill and may either get distributed to the staff or factored into the hourly wage of a banquet server. According to Pascal, banquet servers can earn between $0.34 and $19.88 per hour in tips.

      How much do you tip banquet servers? ›

      You may choose to tip on the basis of the total catering bill, at a rate of 15 to 20 percent. You could provide a tip that accounts for the food and beverage cost, usually around 18 percent of the combined sum.

      How do you negotiate under asking price? ›

      As with all negotiations, when you are making an offer on a house, start low. A good rule of thumb though is to offer 5% to 10% lower than the asking price. Don't forget that sellers often take this into account and deliberately put their house on the market for more than they expect or would accept.

      How much does Ambani wedding cost? ›

      We all remember Isha Ambani's wedding, that cost Rs. 700 crore. Simillarly, Janardhan Reddy had spent about Rs.

      How much money is required for Indian marriage? ›

      Today, we are going to talk about the Indian marriage expenses list and how a personal loan might help you deal with them.
      WeddingStarting from Rs 12,000Starting from Rs 25,000
      Other eventsBetween Rs 15,000 and Rs 35,000Between Rs 30,000 and Rs 60,000
      1 more row
      Jul 27, 2022

      What is the cost of Isha Ambani wedding? ›

      The total wedding of Isha Ambani cost around Rs 700 crores, and after the ceremony, the businesswoman and her husband Anand Piramal moved into a luxurious sea-facing mansion worth Rs 450 crore.

      Which marriage has highest divorce rate? ›

      Highest divorce rate
      RankCountryDivorces per 1,000 inhabitants per year
      3United States4.34
      6 more rows

      Which marriage is more successful? ›

      Early-married husbands are more satisfied with their marriages than later-married husbands (81% vs 71%) and are more sexually satisfied (63% vs 49%).

      Which is the richest divorce in India? ›

      Hrithik Roshan and Sussanne Khan

      The couple was married for 14 years and are parents of two sons. According to the reports Sussanne demanded Rs 400 crore as alimony and it was settled at Rs 380 crore.

      How much does an Indian wedding cost in India in US dollars? ›

      So how much does an Indian Wedding cost in the United States? The average cost of an Indian wedding in the USA is between $225,000 and $285,0000.

      Which man is best for marriage? ›

      43 Qualities of a Good Man to Marry
      • He Puts You First. ...
      • He Is Intelligent and Witty. ...
      • He's a Good Listener. ...
      • He Cherishes You. ...
      • He's a Gentleman. ...
      • He Is Honest and Open. ...
      • He Has Goals and Ambitions in Life. ...
      • He Treats Others With Kindness, Gentleness, and Respect.
      Feb 25, 2023

      Who pays the bride price in India? ›

      Paying and accepting dowry is a centuries-old tradition in South Asia where the bride's parents gift cash, clothes and jewellery to the groom's family. The study was based on dowry data from 17 Indian states that contain 96% of India's population.

      Is a wedding reception same as banquet? ›

      Banquets are usually professionally catered feasts arranged and paid for by an individual or business. They're often held in facilities that regularly deal with events, such as restaurants or hotels. A reception, as a type of event, derives its name from its distinguishing characteristic: the act of receiving.

      Can a wedding be a banquet? ›

      A wedding banquet hall can offer a full-service venue for couples who don't want to worry about finding separate caterers, decorators, or music. Whether a banquet hall is a good choice for you depends on your wedding's size, style, and aesthetic.

      What is a banquet hall meaning? ›

      noun. a large building or room used for feasts. The table ran the length of the banqueting hall.

      Who pays for reception at wedding? ›

      Reception. The bride and her family pay for all professional services, including food and decorations. The groom's family pays for the DJ or band and liquor.

      What is the difference between buffet and banquet service? ›

      A buffet is a casual meal where the guests serve themselves. A banquet is a more formal meal with several courses. The main difference between buffet and banquet is that a banquet may be held in honor of someone whereas buffets are mainly held to offer food.

      What happens during a wedding banquet? ›

      Typically, the banquet will include a speech from the parents, the best man, the maid of honor, and the guest speaker. There will be cake cutting, toasts, a tea ceremony, and dancing. The two tables at the center of the room are for the groom's and bride's families.

      What is a banquet style seating? ›

      8. Banquet. A Banquet seating style is similar to a round dinner table, with the audience seated around the circumference of the table facing inwards. Positives: – Audience interaction fully enhanced, with audience members all facing each other.

      How much is a wedding banquet deposit? ›

      Usually there is about a 20% first deposit upon confirming your date. Assuming your banquet costs $50,000, your downpayment will be about $10,000.

      Do guests pay for alcohol at wedding? ›

      The bride and her family pay for all professional services, including food and decorations. The groom's family pays for the DJ or band and liquor.

      What do people do at a banquet? ›

      Banquets are popular because they effortlessly give an event a focus, whether it's a party, a ceremony or a dinner dance. The act of sitting and dining brings people together to feast and chinwag, offering somewhere relaxed and natural for people to network at ease.

      What is the difference between an event and a banquet? ›

      The main difference between an event space and a banquet hall is the amenities provided by the venues. For example, while most people associate a banquet hall with catering, there are many no catering reception halls.

      What is banquet vs reception seating? ›

      Banquet and Reception

      Banquet style allows for small group interaction at each table. Banquet seating is often used for dinner events or as separate space for breakfast and lunch breaks. Reception- Reception style setup utilizes smaller, 3' rounds with highboys which can accommodate 3-4 people.


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